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Keywords and hashtags ‘furries’ and ‘furry twitter’ once again trend on social media platform Twitter

Excitement flies through the furry fandom, as many furries reported that the hashtags and keywords of ‘furries’ and ‘furry twitter’ have trended on social media platform Twitter.

Many furries pointed to one of Twitter’s recent post on their official account showing a GIF of their logo with a furry outlook while also captioning, ‘Furry Twitter’, ‘Like but don’t touch.’

For many people both inside and outside the furry fandom, the post presented itself as an example of double entendre, in other words, double meaning – its reference point could be either the Twitter landscape of the furry community, or just literally a furry Twitter.

The post’s reception was mixed – while many viewed it positively, some, however, felt the cringe.

翅膀展开,潮流飞扬—— “furries “和 “furry twitter”的关键词和标签在社交媒体平台Twitter上再次成为趋势

激动的心情在兽圈中飞扬,因为近日许多毛兽们指出,”furries”和 “furry twitter”的标签和关键词在社交媒体平台推特上成为趋势。






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