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Commentary: Furry frugality on fursuit making

“Van Hill Millvele (fursona name Janky the Fuzzy Life Coach) is a writer of clean romantic space fantasy novels with anthropomorphic elements.”

I will be honest with you: “frugal” and “furry” are words that don’t usually work well together. Though, that doesn’t have to be true.

Talking about furries, you may think of those thousand-dollar custom fursuits you find; you do not need to have a custom fursuit to be a furry, let alone have one at all.

There are times in which we want a fursuit yet not want to be in debt, or that we just can’t afford a full fursuit; or you want to get your hands dirty and make a fursuit, but it will cost for materials and your time to make it.

That said, today we are going to touch on frugality – especially when it comes to fursuits.

Get your key ingredients

Buy a fursuit head from a quality maker and use an off-the-rack tail. Amazon should not be your first choice as their selection is limited.

You can wear the head with your pyjamas, a favourite suit, dress, or even your old Star Trek uniform. There are super cute animal pyjamas that you can buy online. It is cheaper than a full fursuit, easier to wash, and makes your fursuit more versatile.

Use thrift stores finds for material and props – they can be gold mines for the frugal Furry. I have seen furry pillows, cloth, and costume pieces.

Get your hands dirty

Make a fursuit head yourself (if you can sew), preferably out of leftover material you have in the house, which is even cheaper.

A family member joked about gutting my ‘new to us’ couch for foam. My family member needed foam to make a head base.

I laughed, but then smiled. “No, but the old couch we were throwing out is fairly used.” We gutted that couch and washed the foam in pillowcases. 

What if you want a really nice fursuit? If you have a job, find out what debts are due and cut out unnecessary spending.

  • Would cutting cable (television) and getting Disney plus or Hulu save you money?
  • Would packing lunches for work be an option?
  • How would you plan to go about creating your fursuit? 

You can also resew or paint commercially available masks or heads. This is more approved by scalies (Furries with reptile or reptile-like characters as their fursonas) than most furries.

Remember to respect

Never tease a person who use a Dan Dee or Maskimal (sold at Target) costume head instead of customizable ones. Sometimes people can’t afford a custom-made head; is a growing teen (with not so much money), or when affordable, needed an extra-large head due to comfort or health issues.

My first fursuit head, for myself, was a Dan Dee. It wasn’t exactly a furry fursuit head I went out with, but it was fun. Some furries are against this too.

Look to the big platforms

Look for fursuit makers on Etsy, but be careful and check the reviews. My family’s first custom fursuit head was from Etsy, and while it wasn’t of SkyhighStudios’ quality, we loved it.

Just because a fursuit head is expensive doesn’t mean it is quality; always check reviews – no matter what seller you are buying from.

One big precaution is that you probably don’t want to buy from sites that use other people’s fursonas as their photos to sell their fursuits, if quality is what you are looking for. It isn’t kind to the maker who made the real fursuit.

I’d rather see an imperfect suit for sale than one that doesn’t represent the maker. 

Edited by Ahmar Wolf and Pawsry Hamktxchuzhni


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