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Anthro East Coast closes after four years of operations; barbecue picnic event to continue

Canadian convention Anthro East Coast, or AEC, has recently confirmed that the furcon will close, and its parent company will disband by September.

This came after the furcon has announced their search for a new chairperson in April after their former leader stepped down in March.

Reaching out for more planning volunteers always have left us disheartened, as we saw our small team unable to keep up with the demand of a growing convention, with a lack of volunteer interest.

With no response during the three months of search, the furcon announced Friday (July 23) that in view of what it calls ‘a lack of volunteer interests,’ AEC will be closed, and their parent company, the Anthropomorphic Events Society of Nova Scotia, will be dissolved in September.

AEC, however, has confirmed that their annual barbecue party, the OMGWTFBBQ, will continue to be held annually, adding that the remaining amount of money after all refunds are issued to attendees will be ‘strictly’ used for the party and for supporting the local furry community. 

With Anthro East Coast’s closure, globally, the amount of closed furry conventions are at 6 in this year alone.

Looking at furcon statuses globally, 46 cancelled, 2 deferred, 69 to hold this year and 3 furcons completed.

兽展Anthro East Coast关停: 加拿大兽展历经四年后关停,烧烤野餐活动仍然举行

加拿大兽展Anthro East Coast,简称AEC兽展,最近确认了该兽展将会关停,它的母公司将会在九月份解散。



然而,整整三个月的征集徒劳无功。该兽展在周五(7月23日)宣布,鉴于整体上志愿者兴趣低迷,AEC将会关停; 其母公司将会在九月份解散。







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