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Australian kangaroo mascots for Olympics-themed commemorative collection fire up furry attention

As the Tokyo Summer Olympics approaches, Australian supermarket chain Woolworths is in for a surprise. Their Aussie Heroes‘ mascot characters had became a hot furry fandom tourist hotspot.

The Hockey and Surfing Kangaroos, as well as Sydney Paralympics 2000 mascot Lizzie, adorned the designs front and centre. It came in the forms of stickers, comic strips or commemorative coins from Australia’s national mint. Many furries have expressed their strong admirations towards it.

In a statement, Woolworths says their Aussie Heroes collection aims to ‘celebrate some of Australia’s greatest athletes and future champions, as well inspire younger generations to live active and healthy lifestyles.’

Within the crowd, many cited the characters’ debut as the work of a furry artist. But instead, South Australian anime artist Landeg is in fact an anime artist; they are not a furry.

Landeg says they did not expect to be drawing anthro characters in the first place. They added, the fandom’s reception outperformed their expectations.

“I submitted my portfolio and truly was not expecting to be contacted back. I had no idea I was going to be drawing anthropomorphic animal characters until I was brought on and we started working out the details; until that point I had assumed I’d be drawing people since I had almost zero animals in my portfolio, anthro or otherwise.”


The artist also indicated their concern that parents may see the mascots and the furry fandom’s reception to it as something ‘deviant’. They state that they just wanted to make the sports look fun through the mascots.

At the end, the character debut was warmly received by people both inside and outside the fandom.
Many users online then echoed the phrase ‘government-commissioned fursonas’. That refers to the Australian national mint’s involvement in the process.

Furries made made artworks of the mascots afterwards. But so far, it looks like they paid more attention, let alone some attraction towards the Hockey Kangaroo than the others.

Local media reported that 90% of the coin collection was sold within the first three days, according to a spokesperson at Australia’s national mint. The campaign started on July 7 and will end Aug 3; redemptions in-store only.

Editor’s note 3/9/21 4:11pm SGT: Language use has been simplified for greater brevity.

奥运毛兽潮: 澳大利亚的奥运会主题袋鼠吉祥物激起兽迷热切关注

东京奥运会预热期间,澳大利亚连锁超市品牌Woolworths并没有预料到,它的奥运会主题吉祥物纪念品组合“Aussie Heroes” 即将成为兽圈热点。


在一次声明中,Woolworths 表示,他们推出“Aussie Heroes”纪念品组合,是想要“为一些澳大利亚最杰出的运动员,甚至是未来的冠军,为他们庆贺。同时也激励当代年轻一辈活出动力,活出健康。”













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