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Chinese convention Super Furry Fusion cancels event a day ahead of schedule

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China’s largest furry convention, Super Furry Fusion has just announced the cancellation of this year’s event slated on Aug 1, following consultation with local authorities since the presence of the COVID-19 Delta variant in the neighbouring province of Jiangsu.

Dear attendees, we are very sorry to inform you that after consultation with the authorities, we officially announce that (Super Furry Fusion) is officially cancelled due to escalated COVID-19 prevention measures, in order to ensure the safety of all attendees’ lives and health.
For more details, please tune in to our emergency live meeting tonight at 7pm and the subsequent ticket refund program.

Organising Committee, Super Furry Fusion

SFF says though their venue was alerted by local health authorities to cancel the event on July 30, the organising committee was notified midnight of July 31 by the venue.

Although the statement was issued on the 30th (by the health department), we received the notification very early in the morning of the 31st. This is why we did not notify the participants of what happened on the evening of the 30th.

Ernao (二闹), lead organiser

  • July 30

    SFF’s 2021 venue, the Shanghai Expo Center (SEC), was notified by local health authorities on tightening pandemic control measures

  • July 31, 12am

    SFF’s organizing committee receives the Shanghai Expo Center’s notification on response measures to take

  • 31/7 10am

    SFF’s organizing committee receives the authorities’ official documents

  • 31/7 11am

    SFF’s organizing committee passes decision to cancel their 2021 event

  • 31/7 12pm

    SFF’s releases official announcement on cancellation

Full refunds were subsequently released for attendees; dealers also had their table fees refunded as well – but are offered slots in SFF’s dealers’ showcase livestream that was held Aug 1.



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