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Prior vaccination and negative coronavirus tests mandated by a growing number of furcons

Furry fandom social events are slowly regaining traction as COVID-19 slows down. Thus, more furcons are needing attendees to get vaccinated or have a negative test prior. Some furcons also have said they will no longer allow exemptions based on religion.

Furcons are doing this after a few furries say they got COVID-19 after attending Megaplex, based in the US state of Florida. The furcon was not allowed to ask for vaccination proof according to local state laws. This led to loopholes and panic from attendees afterwards.

Another furry who claims to be a COVID-positive case said he is going to Denfur afterwards. He has been banned.

Conventions that at first did not install such a policy have faced immense public pressure to do so. This was further intensified following many rebounds of COVID-19 cases in regions globally.

Looking at our furcon status numbers, we have 50 cancelled, 3 deferred, 50 to hold this year and 14 furcons completed.









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