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As allegations on ‘political motivations’ intensify, venue relocation ensues for FreeFurAll

DISCLAIMER: Some tweet posts below may contain language considered offensive to some viewers. Reader discretion is advised.

In the US, an upcoming Oklahoma-based convention named FreeFurAll has been under fire because furries alleged they have political agendas. The response from the furry community was heated.

As a result, in a statement released on Sept 15, the convention says their host hotel asked them to relocate. They say it is done “for fear of the civil unrest threatened by those who want to see this event be cancelled.”

The statement also writes “FreeFurAll is proudly #uncancelable,” which furries perceived it as a reference to cancel culture, a term often put together with politics today.

Some furries instead say the hotel’s actions came after screenshots of an alleged FreeFurAll staff sending unsolicited death threats was released on Twitter. However, it is unconfirmed currently whether the instigator was a staff member. This is because the convention’s staff manifest is unknown yet.

On one hand, this was met with many furries supporting the action. One user remarked, “Ohhhh! Very good news! TrumpCon 2022 is now cancelled!!!!”

On the other hand, some furries expressed displeasure towards the fandom. One user says the more furries fire at the convention, the more they prove “cancel culture exists and is rampant in (furry fandom).”




同时,FreeFurAll发言中提到:“FreeFurAll是自豪地不可取消的”,而兽友们把它作为指点“取消文化”(Cancel Culture)的一种预兆,这个词也经常被用于政治方面。





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