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‘A furry’s must-have buddy’: Singapore furry media channel GFTV realigns purpose of COVID-19 furcon status tracker

It was made at first to provide furry convention updates during COVID-19. But, Southeast Asia’s first and largest furry media channel GFTV has revised the purpose of its convention status spreadsheet.

Now called the Furcon Status Tracker, or FURST, the spreadsheet has given valuable data on convention statuses for two years. Many event organisers have used the data for their decision-making processes. Smaller conventions unheard of have gained a spotlight.

FURST has become accessible, thanks to its availability in 14 languages. It also has the world’s biggest and most comprehensive list of furry conventions. A brand new 2022 section is now open.

That all said, looking at GFTV FURST’s data, we have 57 cancelled, 1 deferred, 41 to hold this year and 22 furcons completed.Bookmark the tracker to access it anywhere:




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