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US furry radio station Furry Broadcasting network announces closure; now in rescue discussions

US-based furry radio station Furry Broadcasting Network, or FBN, recently had some turbulence on its six-year journey so far.

Between Oct 11-12, the radio station said in a series of posts a combination of personal, staff and financial struggles had caused instability. They announced closure.

FBN however says their leader, Shadow LeRawr, is currently in discussions with furry gaming group Mothnet. They add it’s about ‘saving FBN from closing.’

The channel eventually called for public donations to help with their finances. 

美国兽圈广播电台Furry Broadcasting Network宣布关闭;现正讨论救援问题

美国兽圈广播电台Furry Broadcasting Network,简称FBN,在其迄今为止的六年过程中最近出现了一些动荡。


然而,FBN说他们的领导人Shadow LeRawr目前正在与毛兽游戏团体Mothnet进行讨论。他们补充说这与“挽救FBN的关闭”有关。




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