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Don’t Hug Cacti dispute: Again under fire over dealers’ den listing

Well-known fursuit maker Don’t Hug Cacti is again under fire.

They were reportedly seen on dealers’ den listings of USA conventions Biggest Little Fur Con and Midwest FurFest.

Many furries strongly objected to it. They were taken off lists in the end.

Earlier this year, the fursuit maker was the subject of a controversy. In it, many claims alleged that their co-owner Lucky Coyote had committed various misdeeds.

The issue became inconclusive as suspicion built up towards both parties. The fandom is still divided until today.

WATCH: The Don’t Hug Cacti controversy | Furry In-Depth


著名兽装工作室“莫抱卡蒂”(Don’t Hug Cacti)再次走上争论风口。

据了解,他们出现在美国兽展Biggest Little Fur Con和Midwest FurFest的展商名单上。


今年早些时候,该工作室已深陷风波。许多人声称该工作室的共有者Lucky Coyote从事了许多不良行为。


收看: 初始指控,最终疑惑:兽装制造商 Don’t Hug Cacti 争议 |《深度兽圈》





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