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Furries to the seas – Furry Cruise 2021

Furries to the seas! We look at Furry Cruise.

They hold furry meetups on cruise ships every year.

This year, 19 furries joined the event.

They went from the city of New York to Bermuda. Bermuda is a group of 181 islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

The next Furry Cruise is set for Oct 16-23 next year. They will move from the city of Seattle to Alaska.

摊爪爪,走向海:毛兽游轮 2021

摊爪爪,走向海!我们关注一下 “毛兽游轮”(Furry Cruise)。




下一次 “毛兽游轮” 活动定于明年10月16至23日。他们将从西雅图市转到阿拉斯加州。



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