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Megaplex shuffles board members; ire spews from its founder

American convention Megaplex recently shuffled their board of directors. While at it, three furries were removed: Scooby, Stitch and notably, Megaplex founder and president Yappy Fox.

The convention says ‘a majority’ of the board felt their leadership styles were not what Megaplex needs.

Scooby, Yappy and Stitch put in many years of fantastic work and while a majority of the board felt that these individuals’ leadership styles were different from what the convention currently needs, the board continues to appreciate everything they put into this convention.


Yappy Fox became unhappy. He called this a ‘hostile takeover’ and even pointed to age discrimination. Age discrimination is also called ageism.

“Tonight to make the (decision).. Should I stay or should I go..  Walk away from 1/2 of my life’s passion. (Furry) fandom had changed, and the hate against the older generation is very apparent.”

Yappy Fox

Later, furries alleged Yappy had ill-will towards fursuiters and dealers, leaked private messages and, in their words, ‘sympathised’ with a controversial figure.

The controversial figure in question is Diesel Raccoon. Diesel made many politically sensitive statements in the past.

Big claims, but no evidence; they are unverified.

Aren’t you the guy who told me that vendors don’t deserve perks, fed information to Diesel Raccoon from a private chat, told me that fursuiters who break the magic are evil, and said that partials don’t count as fursuits?

@CassMutt, Twitter

Yappy disagreed with the claims, calling them ‘wild’. He rebutted them in a recent FurAffinity post.

But he also says he did not leave Megaplex’s board because of ageism.

“Also people are speculating I was departing because of ageism, and that was also false, it just happened there were threads going around on twitter the same day … that the fandom is for the young folks … Age never came into play about the con.”

Yappy Fox

A furry opened a petition. It calls for Megaplex to reconsider its decision and bring Yappy back to the board. At the time of publishing, it earned 114 out of 200 signatures.

Furries also called for Megaplex to be more transparent on this matter.

Megaplex’s parent organization, Florida United Furry Fandom Inc.’s (FLUFF) president now is Christopher Darling.


美国兽展Megaplex最近洗牌了他们的董事会。在此过程中,有三位毛兽被免职:史酷比、史迪奇、著名的Megaplex主席和创始人亚比狐(Yappy Fox)。





“今晚要做出(决定)。我应该留下还是应该离开…  走出我生命中(一半)的(对兽展的)热情。(兽圈)已经改变了,对老一辈的仇恨非常明显。”


后来,一些兽友声称亚比对兽装者和摊位主怀有恶意、泄露了私人信息、最后引用他们的说法,与一个有争议的人物“对齐”。这个有争议的人物是迪塞尔浣熊(Diesel Raccoon)。














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