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The last hurrah for Goal Publications

Furry publishing company Fenris Publishings started to sell books from Goal Publications, another furry publishing company.

Goal Publications will close by March 2022. For their books they have in stock now, that is it. We do not know how many there are.

No more new stock. No more direct orders from their printer. No more overseas shipping and distribution.

But Goal Publications’ books will stay available on their distributors, like FurPlanet and Fusselschwarm. Again, that depends on stock.

The publication adds, their novella authors may independently continue even after they close.

Goal Publications关闭前的最后一站

毛兽出版公司Fenris Publishings开始销售另一家毛兽出版公司Goal Publications的书籍。

Goal Publications将于今年3月永久关闭。对于他们现有库存的书,就是这样了。我们不知道有多少。


但Goal Publications的书籍将继续在他们的分销商,如FurPlanet和Fusselschwarm上出售。同样,这取决于库存。




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