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A presidential sendoff: Singapore’s presidential office guards close road for otters to cross

Talking about furry culture, there is no such thing as “you cannot get furry outside the fandom.” A recent incident in Singapore proves it.

On March 10, a family of 16 otters appeared outside the Singaporean presidential office, or the Istana. They wanted to cross Orchard Road – a heavily-used road.

Seeing this, the Istana’s security guards quickly moved to close the road. That is so the otters can cross safely to the other side.

The videos went viral on social media.

That prompted Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to write a Facebook post. He thanked people for making sure these animals can coexist safely with others in a city environment.

Quoting one TikTok user who also filmed the same incident from a bus, “I thought the President was leaving the Istana; it turns out to be another group of VVIPs.”









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