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“Pro-NFT” DJ coming to FWA?

Furry Weekend Atlanta (FWA) invited musician Ferry Rais-Shaghaghi, better known as @FRND, to perform at their 2022 event.

Mr. Ferry collaborated with musician “Blackbear” in a song called “Anxiety”. The song collaboration won a RIAA gold record.

So how did furries think about Mr. Ferry going to FWA? They didn’t like it, while claiming they “promoted non-fungible tokens (NFT)”

Furries assumed this, because Mr. Ferry reportedly “engaged and followed pro-NFT accounts”.

Furries even add, they are unhappy at FWA for inviting someone who is not a furry.

One GFTV viewer says, this is part of a bigger debate about FWA’s supposedly giving priority to non-furry DJs over furry ones.

This is something fwa has done in the past. The year (2019) they paid Mystery Skulls to do a private concert for con attendees, the dj coordinator pushed to give the (furry) DJ’s weekend passes and he was quickly replaced after that year.

Chomper, GFTV viewer

Here, the NFT allegations remain highly questioned by other furries. One user points out, firing at someone only because they shared someone else’s post, is a “huge stretch”.

A short note: NFTs are very contentious in furry fandom. Because that often connects with big concerns about climate change.


亚特兰毛兽周末(FWA)邀请了音乐家费里-赖斯-沙哈吉(Ferry Rais-Shaghaghi),即@FRND,在他们2022年的活动中表演。







国际兽视观众 Chomper





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