Ursa Major Awards publish 2021 nominees – GFTV Ch. 1 EIC: They deserve more attention

After months of public nominations, the Ursa Major Awards published 2021 nominees.

14 categories from fursuits to games and literature; five nominees each.

Furries can now place their votes for the nominees. Voting ends March 31.

Since their first awards ceremony in 2001, the Ursa Major Awards turns 21 this year. But as something that’s aimed at furry culture globally, not all furries know about it.

Coming thus far, what’s their next step in the community? Any potential in them? GFTV’s editor-in-chief for Channel 1 says yes, adding they deserve more attention around the world.

It’s that time of year again. The Anthropomorphic Literature and Arts Association presents the annual Ursa Major Awards, better known as the Annual Anthropomorphic Literature and Arts Award. 

The ALAA has been active since 2011 and began as the Awards Committee of the Confurence Group. It was founded on the initiative of Fred Patten, who is considered one of the founders of the Furry Culture.

The idea was to award a prize for outstanding work in Furry fandom, like the Hugo Award does in the science fiction domain. 

However, starting in 2003, it became apparent that the committee was limited by ConFurence. Therefore, the ALAA separated and became a stand-alone organisation in 2004 to broaden the scope.

If you look at the list of this year’s nominees, you can see that it succeeded in doing that, too.  Among the nominees for the best films you can find conventional producers like Disney, with “Raya and the Last Dragon” but also “Beastars” is among the list of candidates for anthropomorphic series.

Thus, it is not surprising to find certain candidates among the best websites, such as Furaffinity. In this way, the ALAA manages to connect well-known media houses with contributions from within Furry Culture, for example, by selecting candidates for Best Novel or Best Comic Strip.

Less fiction enthusiasts will also find a category of non-fiction candidates. And the magazine section provides a glimpse into the world of furry print media.

Overall, the long list of various categories and sections reads like a burning glass of Furry culture, just as one would expect in more mainstream organisations for the same purpose.

All of this comes with a fair amount of effort. 

Running the awards and selecting the candidates makes an important contribution to our society, just as volunteering is essential to any society.

Hardly anyone else would take the trouble to create burning glasses of culture through which you can see much more with little effort than you could on your own. 

And that’s why it’s clear to me: the Ursa Major Award deserves more attention. A work like this thoroughly deserves to be replicated by furry YouTubers and by all of us on social media. After all, we’re all part of the same culture that is advanced primarily by our small, everyday contributions.

Nylo El Lobo
Editor-in-chief, GFTV Channel 1 Intl.











如果你看一下今年的提名名单,你可以看到它也成功地做到了这一点。 在《最佳影片》的提名者中,你可以找到像迪斯尼这样的传统制片人,有《拉亚和最后的龙》。但《野兽》也在拟人化系列的候选名单中。






这就是为什么我很清楚:大熊座奖应该得到更多的关注。像这样的作品完全值得毛兽YouTube UP主和我们所有人在社交媒体上进行复制。毕竟,我们都是同个文化的一部分,而这种文化主要是通过我们的日常小贡献来推动的。

兽视国际1台 总编


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