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Convention updates 26-3-2022

COVID runs through Furnal Equinox

Speaking of COVID, Canadian furcon Furnal Equinox recently finished their 2022 event. 

They haven’t published data about attendees and charity.

But many furries started to test COVID positive on ART after the furcon.

Furnal Equinox called for attendees to monitor their health closely.


  • test for COVID whenever possible;
  • self-isolate if symptoms come or test positive;
  • alert whoever you have met at the furcon.

Texas Furry Fiesta numbers

Down south to the US. Texas Furry Fiesta finished their 2022 event.

This year is their biggest ever furcon: over 5,000 attendees and US$40,000 in donations.

As of now, no COVID cases at TFF were reported.

Floof Con’s first overseas GOH

Next up, we have exciting news.

Project Head of Southeast Asia’s biggest furry media channel Global Furry Television, Pawsry, will be at Floof Con Online as their guest of honour on Aug 5-7.

It is their first overseas guest of honour.

Well, it feels unique to be invited to be a guest of honour (at Floof Con). Because for me personally, it is my first time.

But I also feel proud of being invited as guest of honour. Because I not only get to represent GFTV on the global stage, but I also could represent the Asian furry fandom on the global stage too.

Pawsry HTCN.
Project Head

兽展更新 2022-3-26

2019冠状病毒贯穿Furnal Equinox

加拿大兽展Furnal Equinox最近完成了他们的2022年活动。



Furnal Equinox呼吁与会者们密切监测他们的健康。


  • 尽可能检测冠状病毒;
  • 若出现症状或检测结果呈阳性,应进行自我隔离;
  • 并尽快提醒你在兽展上遇到的任何人。





Floof Con首位海外嘉宾


东南亚最大兽圈媒体频道国际兽视的项目负责爪利将于8月5至7日作为线上兽展Floof Con的嘉宾出席。


被邀请成为(Floof Con)的荣誉嘉宾,我感觉很独特。因为这的确是我的第一次。但我也为被邀请成为荣誉嘉宾而感到自豪。


国际兽视 项目负责人


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