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Singapore loosen COVID-19 policies on borders, social aspects

Singapore will loosen COVID-19 restrictions on many fronts, to a larger scale.

Starting Tuesday (Mar 29):

  • Masking OUTDOORS will be optional.
  • But you must mask indoors. For example, in public transport.
  • People can now gather in groups of 10.

Starting April:

  • Singapore will open its borders to all countries.
  • All incoming visitors must have either supervised ART or PCR negative tests, two days before departure.
  • Visitors must be fully vaccinated.

Furmeets in Singapore may see more overseas visitors from then onwards.

On Mar 24, Singapore counted 8,478 new COVID-19 cases.

Meanwhile, local convention Little Island Furcon is set to hold online May 21.




  • 在室外戴口罩将是可选的。
  • 但在室内仍然必须戴口罩。例如,在公共交通工具上。
  • 人们现在可以以10人一组的形式聚集。


  • 新加坡将向所有国家开放边境。
  • 所有入境的游客必须在出发前两天进行监督下的ART或PCR测试,并呈阴性。
  • 游客们必须全面接种疫苗。






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