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Statement regarding GFTV’s ties with Neil Wacaster and AwooNews


We are aware of rumours going around assuming our connections with ArtworkTee’s founder Neil Wacaster in the context of their recent controversy.

Herein, we address them transparently. We will point out what we know, the context surrounding us and protocols initiated if any.

On GFTV’s ties with AwooNews, Neil Wacaster and ArtworkTee

We hear Mr. Wacaster has had many business endeavours that did not end well. Especially the one about them labelling traced artwork as original art, linked to his brony avatar TracePonies.

The claims say: GFTV’s project head, myself, and GFTV’s ops officer, Rosca Santigria supposedly had close ties with Mr. Wacaster – simply because we were part of a now-defunct news website called AwooNews.

In a recent post, Dogpatch Press also pointed out we had a partnership with AwooNews.

Yes, we had a partnership with AwooNews back on Aug 11, 2019.

  • But in truth, we never once mutually coordinated in the editorial.
  • Aside from a few content cross postings and shares, that is all.
  • As you read on, anything related to GFTV and AwooNews is only based on me myself.
  • We were not aware of their controversies until years after they closed.

Project Head Pawsry HTCN.’s statement

community group message link

I was part of AwooNews as a contributor.

  • Signing up as a contributor is exactly like how Flayrah, another news website does.
  • Create an account, and you can write away.

What I did simply was to cross repost content from both websites to each other.

  • For example, GFTV’s posts on AwooNews; others’ (articles on AwooNews) on GFTV NewsHub (our website) with appropriate crediting.
  • The posts can still be found on our website today.

Throughout my tenure, I had no official engagement with Mr. Wacaster (Neil) or any editors there.

  • I only engaged with other user accounts on the site.
  • Neither did I, nor AwooNews editors, have a say on each others’ content.

I reiterate – I now serve only GFTV.

Ops Officer Rosca Santigria’s statement

community group message link

He was indeed AwooNews’ editor.

  • He wrote in the message link as ‘ArtworkTee’, referencing AwooNews and ArtworkTee’s apparent links.
  • Rosca left their editorial before joining GFTV.

Today, he no longer works with either AwooNews, or ArtworkTee – but only at GFTV.

  • He also no longer works with any other furry group he previously associated with or worked for in the past.

Please refer to the image below for our statement proof:

Statements are published March 30, 2022: 9:32am (Rosca) and 9:35am (Pawsry) – UTC+8 Singapore Standard Time.

Clarification in light of TheFurryFandom.Co (a.k.a. Furry Swap Meet) controversy 

Recently, there was an incident about someone unilaterally offering dealers’ den slots to furry conventions.

The furcons confirm they are not related to them; furries referred this to Mr. Wacaster.

The platforms Mr. Wacaster supposedly engaged on are: Hot Fudge Fusky, TheFurryFandom.Co and Furry Swap Meet.

  • We never engaged with any one of the entities named above.
  • We never engaged with anyone else that supposedly is, or are affiliated, with them.

We, as Asia’s leading furry news platform, promise to continue to abide by our values and commitment to serve the community.

I hope this clarifies our community’s concerns in regards to this recent controversy involving Mr. Wacaster’s past and present-day activities.

Stay safe. Have a great and wonderful floofy day.

Best regards,

Pawsry Hamktxchuzhni
Project Head, Global Furry Television (GFTV)

Statement published in English with reference number GFTV27042022APSGP – EXT19


在ArtworkTee最近的争议中,我们意识到有一些指出国际兽圈电视(GFTV)与ArtworkTee的创始人尼尔-瓦卡斯特(Neil Wacaster)有联系的传言。



我们听说瓦卡斯特先生在很多商业上的活动都没有好结果。特别是关于他们将复制的艺术品标记为原创艺术品,与他的马圈(brony fandom)形象TracePonies有关的那件事。

该传言称,国际兽视的项目负责人:我自己,以及国际兽视的业务官员:罗斯卡-桑蒂格里亚(Rosca Santigria),据说与瓦卡斯特先生有密切的联系——仅仅是因为我们两位是一个现已解散的新闻网站AwooNews的一部分。

在最近的一篇文章中,Dogpatch Press还指出我们与AwooNews有合作关系。


  • 但事实上,我们在编辑方面从未相互协调过一次。
  • 除了一些内容的交叉发布和分享之外,两方的现实合作范围就这样了。
  • 任何与国际兽视和AwooNews有关的事物都只基于我自己。
  • 我们是在他们关闭多年后才知道他们的争议的。

项目负责人 爪利行乐主翅尼 的声明


  • 注册成为撰稿人与另一个新闻网站Flayrah的做法完全一样。
  • 创建一个账户后,你就可以发稿了。


  • 例如,在AwooNews上发布国际兽视的帖子;在《国际兽视新闻坊》(我们的网站)上发布其他AwooNews的帖子。
  • 我们一律适当其中注明了信息来源。
  • 这些帖子至今仍可在我们的网站上找到。


  • 我只与网站上的其他用户账户接触。
  • 我和AwooNews的编辑们都没有对对方的内容有发言权。


业务官员 罗斯卡-桑蒂格里亚 的声明


  • 他在留言中写的是’ArtworkTee’,指的是AwooNews和ArtworkTee之间的联系。
  • 罗斯卡在加入国际兽视之前离开了他们的编辑部。


  • 他也不再与他以前联系或为之工作的任何其他毛兽团体工作。






据称瓦卡斯特先生从事的平台是:Hot Fudge Fusky、TheFurryFandom.Co和Furry Swap Meet。

  • 我们从未与上述组织的任何一个合作。
  • 我们从未与任何其他据称是或隶属于他们的人接触。




国际兽圈电视(GFTV)项目负责人 爪利行乐主翅尼

声明以英文发表,参考编号为GFTV27042022APSGP – EXT19








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