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“The Bad Guys”: Mr Wolf comes alive; film scores 1st in US box office

The 3D animated film ‘The Bad Guys’ made ripples of excitement in the furry fandom since premiering mid-March this year.

The film featured five characters – one of, if not the most famous and beloved one is called Mr. Wolf.

For every obvious reason, giving Mr. Wolf big hugs are impossible – until now – a fursuit costume was made of him.

The fursuit is made by American fursuit maker The Fuzz Factory.

During premiere day, furries got lucky at the cinema when Mr. Wolf entered the screening hall. Elation filled the scene, as furries howled; people instantly jumped in for photos and big hugs too.

‘The Bad Guys’ is number one in America’s box office this week – with an estimated US$24 million.





这套兽装是由美国兽装制造商The Fuzz Factory制造的。






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