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How FWA connects furries on VR with the real world

Virtual platforms are expanding – COVID-19 has boosted its growth since 2020.

And now, even as the pandemic slows down, furries still rely on virtual platforms to communicate.

More furry conventions are thus trying to bring the best of both virtual and physical environments together. That is to cater to a brand new audience online who may never be able to attend conventions.

In a collaboration, VR event Furality and US furcon Furry Weekend Atlanta, or FWA, “breached the barriers”. Furality’s online world now features a viewscreen; on-site at FWA, a special interaction room is made.

This let attendees at Furality’s online world and this year’s Furry Weekend Atlanta see and interact with each other. Some even used the system to talk with sign language.

Furries received this very positively.

FWA’s 2022 event saw 7,300 attendees.










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