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Report: Furries bullied more than two times the average

Bullying is endemic globally amongst people, no matter how old they are. Unfortunately, furries seem to be more at risk to it.

A recent GFTV report found furries aged 11-18 are bullied two times the average. Data was collated from a number of studies including those by furry fandom research body FurScience.

On another note, LGBTQ children between ages 11-18 are bullied 10% more than furries are. That is in spite of the fact that most furries are LGBTQ, according to a 2020 study.

Furries have been blaming so-called “furry haters” for some bullying cases. 

These people often say they did this because, among other reasons, they don’t understand the furry fandom’s culture well.

The furry fandom had past issues involving mass media and politics too. These issues plagued its reputation heavily.

This means there is still a long way ahead for them to become more positively welcomed, even as public awareness is growing today.





兽友们一直将一些欺凌案件归咎于所谓的 “兽圈憎恶者”。






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