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Super Animal Royale in China will discontinue

A Chinese mobile game based on Super Animal Royale will discontinue: a bittersweet announcement as they hit their first birthday Friday (May 13).

The game, in China’s most popular gaming format – on mobile (手游) – will stop updating soon.

According to Feihu (肥狐), a well-known personality of Super Animal Royale China, the COVID-19 pandemic worsened operational problems. Income dropped and staff are being laid off.

However, the mobile game’s server will still be online – the game won’t be updated. As of May 20, it still can be downloaded.

Emotions flew strongly among furries and non-furries alike – the top-down shooter game is very popular among Chinese furries.

The game in China is jointly operated by gaming companies Pixile Studios and iDreamSky.

The Chinese mobile game for Super Animal Royale is called 小动物之星 (literal: Little Animal Star).

Both the global version (Steam) and the mobile version (China) are based on the same game, but are independent of each other.

China players mostly use the mobile version’s name to refer to both game platforms. Global players call the mobile game version “Super Animal Royale Chinese edition”.

The Chinese game version uses the same English name as the global version.

To distinguish both editions in English, we will address the Chinese mobile game as “Super Animal Royale China”. Our Chinese language report will reflect this.

Editor’s note







该游戏的中国版是由游戏公司Pixile Studios和创梦天地(iDreamSky)联合运营。


中国玩家大多使用 “小动物之星” 称呼《超级动物大逃杀》的两个游戏平台。全球玩家称呼《小动物之星》为 “超级动物大逃杀中国版”。


为了在英语报道中区分这两个版本,我们将把中国那边的手机游戏称为 “超级动物大逃杀中国版”。我们的中文报道将反映这一点。




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