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Brasil FurFest receives their city’s cultural award

Let’s head to South America, where a local furry convention recently got a cultural award.

Wednesday (May 18) is the International Museum Day.

At the Sacred Art Museum of Santos, the Pro-Culture Network (Portuguese: Rede Pró-Cultura) awarded Brasil FurFest a certificate.

The certificate marked the furcon’s contributions to the city of Santos’ arts and culture.

It is called the Guardians of the Immaterial Patrimony of the Brazilian People (Portuguese: Guardiões do Patrimônio Imaterial do Povo Brasileiro).

Vice-chairpersons of Brazil FurFest, Patsy and Ruby, received the certificate from the hands of the Culture Secretary of Santos, José Gomes and State Representative, Audrey Kleys.

Brasil FurFest就其文化艺术贡献获得文化奖



在桑托斯的神圣艺术博物馆,支持文化网络(葡萄牙语:Rede Pró-Cultura)向Brasil FurFest颁发了证书。


它被称为《巴西人民非物质遗产的守护者》(葡萄牙语:Guardiões do Patrimônio Imaterial do Povo Brasileiro)。

Brasil FurFest的副主席帕特西和鲁比从桑托斯文化部长何塞-戈麦斯和州代表奥黛丽-克莱斯手中接过证书。




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