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Furs Upon Malaysia to hold in-person event in Dec 2022

After two years of hiatus because of COVID-19, Malaysian furcon Furs Upon Malaysia (FurUM) will hold their sixth in-person event this year.

But they added: attendee signups will be limited. The announcement came as Malaysia’s local coronavirus cases dropped.

“Con of the Lost” will be the convention’s theme. This was their 2020 theme until COVID-19 delayed the convention.

FurUM 2022 will be on Dec 10-11.

Furs Upon Malaysia将在今年年尾举行第六次线下活动

在因2019冠状病毒而中断两年后,马来西亚兽展Furs Upon Malaysia(FurUM)将在今年举行他们的第六次线下活动。


“荒野之聚”(Con of the Lost)将是FurUM的主题。这原定是他们2020年的主题,直到疫情逼迫其推迟计划。

FurUM 2022年将于12月10日至11日举行。





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