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New details released for Little Island Furcon

Singapore furcon Little Island Furcon (LIFC) held their second online event Saturday (May 21), called LIFC Online (or LIFCO).

They hosted 300 attendees this year. That is 50 more than 2021’s count of 250.

LIFC Online will take place again in November this year. “Victorian Murder Mystery” will be its theme.

Little Island Furcon’s chairperson Scalarius stated during the closing ceremony: When LIFC’s in-person event returns, “Swords and Sorcery” will remain the theme.

The theme was the convention’s 2020 event theme until COVID-19 delayed plans.


新加坡兽展小岛兽聚(LIFC)周六(5月21日)举行了他们的第二次在线活动,称为LIFC Online(或LIFCO)。






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