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Made by Furries: The Heart Rate Monitor

Furries contribute to society in many ways, be it charities or inventing things we use today. But did you know a furry made the heart rate monitor?

Yes—Spotacus the Cheetah invented that set of flashing green lights in your fitness tracker. Their real name is David Benaron: a biochemist, inventor, and entrepreneur.

He founded many biotechnology companies, including medical sensor firm Spectros.

Spotacus invented a new kind of oximeter in 2005. Instead of infrared, it uses LED light to measure how much oxygen is flowing through someone’s body.

In an interview with PCMag, Spotacus says it has got over 100 patents.

Aside from science work, Spotacus has been active in the furry community since joining Canadian furcon Further Confusion in 2000. Fun fact: he owns 46 fursuits!







除了科学工作外,“斑竹”自2000年去了加拿大兽展 Further Confusion 以来,在兽圈内很活跃。来个趣事:他拥有46件兽装。



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