Confuzzled donates £25K to charity; US$500K in total for furries so far

The donation drive continues! Confuzzled donated £25,000 to charity this year.

Their beneficiary is the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. The Trust aims to research and preserve bumblebee habitats.

According to Dutch YouTuber Thabo Meerkat, with this donation, the furry fandom’s total donation count this year is now more than US$500,000.


捐赠活动仍在继续! Confuzzled今年向慈善机构捐赠了25,000英镑。


根据荷兰YouTuber 萨博(Thabo)的说法,加上这次捐款,兽圈今年的总捐款数已经超过了50万美元。


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