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“Glory for country”: Cosplayers injure fursuiters at comic convention

 Having fun is one thing. But injuring others with it, is another.

The Nanning Comic Convention was held from June 3-4 in the Chinese city of Nanning. Cosplayers, including furries, attended the event.

There, two cosplayers were seen kicking and using their props to hit two fursuiters.

The cosplayers donned costumes of ‘Monkey King’ and ‘Zhu Bajie’. They are characters from the 16th century Chinese novel “The Journey to the West”.

Damage report

On June 19, Bilibili user 炽岚hmltzjzty released another video showing more of the cosplayers’ acts towards the fursuiter.

The video serves to match the following description they gave us 1:30am, June 16 (check editor’s note).

  • The cosplayers shoved their prop into a fursuiter’s fursuit mouth.
    • But their fursuit separated the prop from the person inside.
    • Despite that, the person inside bit onto their mouth, causing it to bleed.
    • Chilan claims the props “are made of metal”.
  • They also tugged on the fursuit tail, pulling the fursuiter with it.
  • The fursuiter sustained bruises on their face by blunt force.
  • Their fursuit’s head, mouth, ears, eyes and tail are damaged.

炽岚hmltzjzty also posted a public comment reflecting this too. Their comment is the one with the most likes in the comments section.

The cosplayers’ response

In a private chat, ‘Zhu Bajie’ said they “did not do it on purpose”. They even used patriotism to justify their actions, calling the fursuiters “Japanese dogs”.

The fursuiters are Chinese.

“We wear the national tradition to the convention. It is full of little Japanese characters. While we put up a showdown to fight for the country’s glory, we eliminate a Japanese dog.”

On June 5, Bilibili user 小昼哒qwq posted a video, purportedly showing ‘Monkey King’s’ private social page on QQ.

The cosplayer purportedly mentioned, “the script was well done” and demanded the fursuiter to pay for damages themselves.

This triggered strong outrage from the Chinese furry community.

The aftermath

The comic convention found these cosplayers were already on their blacklist. How did they enter then? They entered using other people’s credentials.

To note, the cosplayers have a bad track record of harassing other people too.

The convention expelled one of the cosplayers from the venue, the other was not there that time.

The police were called too. Until the time of publishing, there are no follow-ups from them.

In short: Loving something is okay. But when it starts hurting you or anyone, time to do something about it.

1:30pm, Jun 16 (UTC+8): GFTV published this report 10:59pm, Jun 15 (Ch. 1) and 12:02am, Jun 16 (Ch. 2). We received new updates from 炽岚hmltzjzty by private messaging at 1:30am, Jun 16. They are directly added to this article, with some details mentioned in our video removed.

12:40pm, Jun 19 (UTC+8): Added more details and clarified details further.

1:02pm, Jun 20 (UTC+8): Clarified “Damage Report” and “The Aftermath” section.

Editor’s note









  • 扮演者将他们的道具塞进了一个兽友的兽装嘴里。
    • 但是他们的兽装隔着道具和里面的人。
    • 尽管如此,里面的人还是咬住了他们的嘴,导致其流血。
    • 炽岚称,这些道具 “是金属的”。
  • 他们还扯住了兽装尾巴,把兽装者也给拽跑。
  • 兽装者的脸上被钝器砸出淤青。
  • 兽装的头、嘴、耳朵、眼睛和尾巴完全受损。



在一次私人聊天中,“猪八戒”说他们 “不是故意这样做的”。他们甚至用爱国来辩护他们的行为,还称兽装者为 “日本狗”。












6月16日下午1:30(UTC+8): GFTV于6月15日晚10:59(第1频道)和6月16日凌晨12:02(第2频道)发布了这篇报道。6月16日凌晨1:30,我们收到了炽岚hmltzjzty通过私信发来的新消息。它们被直接添加到这篇文章中。我们也删除了视频中提到的一些细节。





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