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Furality sets record as the “biggest furcon in the world”

Virtual furry events are growing very, very fast. So fast, it managed to break a world record.

VR event Furality is now, by attendee count, the biggest furry convention.

It has 15,079 attendees – 4000 more attendees than Midwest FurFest’s 2019 record of 11,019.

Chairman Daltyn however calls on furries to not look at attendee counts “as a competition”. Look at it instead as one more achievement furries earned, they added.

Furality达到了 “世界最大兽展”的记录


VR活动Furality现在是按参加人数计算的最大的兽展。它们有15,079参会者——比Midwest Furfest的2019记录(11,019)多4000人。






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