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Furries give more colour to this year’s Dragon Boat Festival

Every year in May or June, many Chinese people observe the Dragon Boat Festival.

On this day, people do things like preparing rice dumplings, hold dragon boat races, or for this year, let furries make it more colourful.

Local furries in Chengdu staged a public dance session in fursuit at the Danjing Observation Area, overlooking Sancha Lake.

Members of the public are surprised, excited and happy.

At first I did not want to come today, but after coming, it felt very nice; an unexpected surprise.

I felt this is really good, kids like it so much they don’t want to leave!

We came from Ziyang city, I felt so happy. It’s been long since this kind of playful scene came. I’m a kindergarten teacher; I like this kind of cartoon.

COVID-19 is still keeping people from returning to “full normalcy” like before. Even still, furries are still unfazed by it.

As usual, furries will take any chances to pounce into the public eye and give it more colour.













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