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GFTV’s news service now available on dumbphones

Southeast Asia’s first furry media channel Global Furry Television (GFTV) recently expanded its news service.

From Nov 10, 2022, nearly 300 million more people can access GFTV’s furry fandom news podcast – on their feature phones.

This target audience is KaiOS and JioPhone users. To listen to the podcast, they must install the podcasting platform PodLP.

GFTV is the first furry news channel to do this.

Other furry podcasts, like Viernes Furry and Furry, Explained to name a few, made it on the platform.

This is part of GFTV’s continuous plan to expand its content accessibility. Now, rural people, probably even furries within, can access furry fandom news.

Who knows among these users … are furries?






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