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Bringing the furry world to all

Global Furry Television (GFTV) is Singapore’s first furry broadcaster, first founded as the Henrusian News Broadcasting Corporation (HNBC) in 17 Aug 2014.

Positioned to the idea of “the furry world, to all”, GFTV brings content and news on and from the furry fandom to audiences globally with an unbiased and objective attitude.

Uniquely and strategically positioned in Asia, GFTV has fully enabled a more universal touch and perspective to furry fandom news coverage, thus making the media channel trusted by thousands of participants both inside and outside the furry fandom worldwide.

Not just the latest news from the furry fandom, GFTV also provides a rapidly growing content list of furry perspectives, entertainment and culture.

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以 ”兽圈世界,全世全知“为理念,国际兽视以不偏不倚的客观态度为全球观众带来关兽圈的内容和新闻。



Our Team / 我们的团队

Our Values / 我们的价值观

Genuine, Fairness, Trust, Visionary

Genuine – Authenticity and Transparency in Action
—— 真诚透明之行动

  • Openness in every Action Taken / 每件行举中要开放

Fairness – Unbiased and Equal in Attitude
—— 公正平等之态度

  • Rejection of Discrimination, a Must / 歧视,应必拒绝

Trust – For Trust We Strive
—— 为诚信而争取

  • Our Audiences’ Trust Matters / 观众信任重要

Visionary – A Forward-Oriented Mind
—— 一往向前之意识

  • Looking Ahead, Moving Forward / 爪携爪,向前进

Our Pledge / 我们的誓言

We, furry floofs of Global Furry Television, shall promote and expand the growth of the furry media landscape in the global furry fandom. In close alignment with our motto “The furry world, to all”, we must develop an open global mindset, that is unbiased and neutral.

Together, we will unite furries, no matter nationality, borders, race, and language, closer together; support and cultivate growth of the furry media landscape; and ultimately, become the leading furry media and news source in the fandom that stands firm in neutrality.

我们,国际兽圈电视的毛兽代表,将在全球兽圈中促进和扩大毛兽媒体环境的增长。 与我们的座右铭“兽圈世界,全世全知”紧密结合,我们必须建立开放,公正和中立的全球观念。


Public Documents / 公开文件

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