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About Us

Global Furry Television (GFTV) is Singapore’s, Southeast Asia’s first, and Asia’s biggest furry fandom TV channel.

We bridge the furry fandom with places less known. From our strategic Asian position, we bring to the world an alternative perspective to longstanding narratives and contribute to the conversation.

Our priority is to understand – than to merely pick sides to stand. We show furry fandom events top to bottom, in line with professional standards.

We look to be an archive of furry events – minus social media dumpfire – for everyone today and in the future to appreciate.

With our works, we look to facilitate constructive discussion among peoples to progress communities, and at large societies.

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Our Team / 团队

Our Values / 价值观

Genuine – Authenticity and Transparency in Action
—— 真诚透明之行动

    Fairness – Unbiased and Equal in Attitude
    —— 公正平等之态度

      Trust – For Trust We Strive
      —— 为诚信而争取

        Visionary – A Forward-Oriented Mind
        —— 一往向前之意识

          Our Pledge / 誓言

          We, furry floofs of Global Furry Television, shall promote and expand the growth of the furry media landscape in the global furry fandom.

          In close alignment with our motto “The furry world, to all”, we must develop an open global mindset, that is unbiased and neutral.

          Together, we will unite furries, no matter nationality, borders, race, and language, closer together; support and cultivate growth of the furry media landscape; and ultimately, become the leading furry media and news source in the fandom that stands firm in neutrality.




          Public Docs / 公开文件

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