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Category: Charity

  • Confuzzled donates £25K to charity; US$500K in total for furries so far

    Confuzzled donates £25K to charity; US$500K in total for furries so far


  • Furries almost reach goal in Ukraine art charity campaign

    Furries almost reach goal in Ukraine art charity campaign


  • Convention updates 1-3-2022

    Convention updates 1-3-2022

    中文:兽展更新 2022-3-1

  • Convention updates 16-1-2022

    Convention updates 16-1-2022

    Two conventions cancelled Let’s start with this week’s headlines. Hungarian convention Fursang and US convention Further Confusion cancelled their event this year. Fursang did not release any public statement as of now. Further Confusion says the cancellation was because many event contributors could not attend: staff, panellists, DJ’s, vendors and dealers. At first, they scaled […]

  • Furries in 2021, in brief

    Furries in 2021, in brief

    The new year starts! 2022, a brand new start for many. But, COVID-19 hasn’t ended like how everyone wished for. The Omicron variant, found in Nov 2021, is still spreading. Last year, many regions globally loosened pandemic restrictions as COVID-19 stabilised locally and more people got the vaccine. Thus, furry conventions can again hold in-person […]

  • Ahmar Adventures: Midwest FurFest 2021

    Ahmar Adventures: Midwest FurFest 2021

    I have been to several furry conventions before. Now with COVID-19, I was unsure how Midwest FurFest was going to handle this pandemic. Midwest FurFest is the largest furry convention in the world. In 2019, they saw more than 11,000 attendees. This year, they took place both in the Hyatt Regency O’Hare and the Donald […]

  • Cat rescue to Scotiacon: 2022 charity announced

    Cat rescue to Scotiacon: 2022 charity announced

    Scotiacon announced Friday (Nov 19) their 2022 charity partner. The charity partner is called the Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue. They save stray cats in the cities of Edinburgh and Fife, and promote good welfare practices for cats. Scotiacon also released price numbers for tickets and hotel rooms. They will be held Feb 12-13 next year. […]

  • Convention updates 23/11/21

    Convention updates 23/11/21

    From the island to the future  We start from here in Singapore. Little Island Furcon (LIFC) finished their online event Saturday (Nov 13). It is the first in Southeast Asia. GFTV held the region’s first furry YouTubing panel at LIFC. More people joined this year’s event than in 2019, says Decro. Decro is one of […]

  • Furality 2021: Attendance on the podium

    Furality 2021: Attendance on the podium

    Virtual reality convention Furality finished their second edition this year. There are 9,024 registered attendees at the event. That puts them in third place behind the world’s second biggest furcon, Anthrocon. At one time, 3,375 attendees joined Furality events at the same time. That is more than one-third of registered attendees. They raised more than […]

  • News in brief – 15/09/21

    News in brief – 15/09/21

    Little Island Fur Con announces online event Starting from Singapore, Little Island Fur Con, or LIFC, has scheduled a virtual event Nov 18. The event, called LIFC Online, is set to break regional records again. This is because it will be Southeast Asia’s very first, and Asia’s third furry convention to do so. LIFC Online […]