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Category: Europe

  • Convention updates 22/1/2022

    Convention updates 22/1/2022

    FurDU 2022 Australian convention Furry Down Under, or FurDU, opened panel signups. If you are hosting a panel there, bring your own laptop. They will not give you any. Other than that, registrations are now closed. FurDU will hold Apr 29 – May 1. LIFC Online 2022 returns May Singaporean convention Little Island Furcon (LIFC)…

  • Convention updates 16-1-2022

    Convention updates 16-1-2022

    Two conventions cancelled Let’s start with this week’s headlines. Hungarian convention Fursang and US convention Further Confusion cancelled their event this year. Fursang did not release any public statement as of now. Further Confusion says the cancellation was because many event contributors could not attend: staff, panellists, DJ’s, vendors and dealers. At first, they scaled…

  • Convention updates 16/12/21

    Convention updates 16/12/21

    FurUM 2021 on VR Starting off from Southeast Asia. First, to Malaysia. Local convention Furs Upon Malaysia, or FurUM, published their 2021 events timetable. They will hold this event, called FVRUM, on the social gaming platform VRChat. Their venue is a recreation of their real-life venue, Armada Hotel. There will be panels and dance sessions…

  • ‘Arbitrarily’ Scot-locked: Scotiacon Twitter-locked; angers furries

    ‘Arbitrarily’ Scot-locked: Scotiacon Twitter-locked; angers furries

    Algorithm problems hit on Scotiacon UK convention Scotiacon said Monday (Nov 22), they are locked out from their official Twitter account. Their post reads, “The algorithm thought something was a miss”. They add, there is “no success so far.” In response, furries are angry at Twitter. Says one furry, Twitter “arbitrarily locked the @Scotiacon account…

  • Cat rescue to Scotiacon: 2022 charity announced

    Cat rescue to Scotiacon: 2022 charity announced

    Scotiacon announced Friday (Nov 19) their 2022 charity partner. The charity partner is called the Sunny Harbour Cat Rescue. They save stray cats in the cities of Edinburgh and Fife, and promote good welfare practices for cats. Scotiacon also released price numbers for tickets and hotel rooms. They will be held Feb 12-13 next year.…

  • Convention updates 23/11/21

    Convention updates 23/11/21

    From the island to the future  We start from here in Singapore. Little Island Furcon (LIFC) finished their online event Saturday (Nov 13). It is the first in Southeast Asia. GFTV held the region’s first furry YouTubing panel at LIFC. More people joined this year’s event than in 2019, says Decro. Decro is one of…

  • NFC 2022 data published

    NFC 2022 data published

    Swedish convention NordicFuzzCon (NFC) opened panel sign ups. It is for their 2022 event. They also have published attendee statistics. Most attendees are from Europe. However attendees from Asia and North America will be there too. More than half of attendees are in the regular tier. NordicFuzzCon will be held Feb 23 – 27 next…

  • Digging Up Positivity – October 2021

    Digging Up Positivity – October 2021

    Welcome to the October edition of Digging Up Positivity. This month we are pleased to see the conventions returning, and with that, all those lovely charities that they support. The featurette of this month is Cassidy Civet, known by many as that critter that appeared at the Eurovision Song Festival, but by all means, this…

  • The Furterview: Space furries coming soon?

    The Furterview: Space furries coming soon?

    Furries in space, coming true? Furry gene research group Vulpine Designs will soon attend the International Astronautical Conference in Dubai. The event focuses on space technology. Vulpine Designs stand for the so-called ‘freedom of form’ with genetic engineering. It is an idea in which humans can adjust their body however they like. Promoting this idea…

  • Russian government official targets furry fandom in latest ‘extremism list’ proposal

    Russian government official targets furry fandom in latest ‘extremism list’ proposal