Our story

Down our roots we go, we originally started off as a news website named The Maritime Link by HNBC Singapore, operated by the Henrusian News Broadcasting Corporation (HNBC) in 2014, which is wholly managed by Pawsry (present-day Project Head of GFTV), who by then was yet a furry. It covered current affairs and entertainment by gathering articles from other public news sources.

Screengrab from GFTV 6

HNBC also published videos covering major events in Singapore through various programmes such as globalNEWS and News at 7, along with some event live streaming through globaINEWS LIVE. Big names, small project, yet a rapidly flourishing tree. As of 2016, the platform was receiving nearly a thousand unique visitors to the site, with audiences across all major continents.

The toppling of the growing tree, not a choice

On 16th August 2017, HNBC merged with HRSMA Media Publicity Service (HRSMA MPS), the broadcasting wing of a Singapore-based mascot and furry-oriented nonprofit fandom association, the Henrusian Mascot Association (HRSMA, also headed by Pawsry) into the HRSMA-HNBC Media Publicity Service, after deleting their main website The Maritime Link, citing a potentially serious problem arising from a lack of source citation.

The platform’s hundreds, if not thousands of audiences had to watch the utter demise of the site that had so much potential. The merger was confirmed as HNBC couldn’t be sustained for long due to a massive loss of resources.

Archive of HNBC collaterals and programmes

A sudden turn, for the furry

On 1st October 2017, HRSMA MPS rebranded into HRSMA TV, which resulted from HRSMA’s growing emphasis on the use of online platforms to spread mascot love and also to connect global mascot fans together. However from September 2018 onwards, the channel started to cover on the furry fandom due to HRSMA’s shift in focus towards the furry fandom, after Pawsry became a furry on August 2018.

Since then, HRSMA TV publishes their iconic furry-oriented series HRSMA FurryTalks (present day The Pawsry Show) on a weekly basis which covers various furry topics, from culture to some furry news as well. It was hosted by Pawsry.

An eye for the future

On 9th November 2018, HRSMA TV rebranded into the International Furry Broadcasting Service (IFBS), sporting a brand new logo and slogan. More programmes were introduced; HRSMA FurryTalks became The Furry Show on 22nd December, and The Furry Report (now GFTV News) was launched, drastically growing its content repertoire.

The IFBS was a full-on petri dish for many experimental projects, coming in the form of concepts simulating one of the major achievements the channel wants to reach – from radio (GFTV FurWave), to a news-focused vision (GFTV Newsday) and the largest of all, the Mass Broadcast, a 2-hour long special concept video showing how a IFBS furry TV broadcast would look like.

The IFBS ceased broadcast on 9th February 2019, as the IFBS is engaged with merger discussions with a America-based furry radio station. However, after the other party announced their withdrawal of intentions to engage in a partnership or merge with the IFBS on 12th February 2019, the IFBS enacted policy and guideline reforms, and rebranded once again to the current Global Furry Television (GFTV).

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Growing past the storm, advancing forward

As the GFTV continued to grow anew, it first established 5 programmes, laying out a foundation for content development – from news, to event coverage and infotainment. As part of a initiative to linguistically reach more furries, GFTV’s first Chinese channel was born.

Known as Channel 2 China, it gone viral within the Chinese furry community during its first few days of operation, earning it the largest audience base of the entire channel at the time of writing.

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“That was really sort of a, “undeserved” thing for the channel, to me too, because the channel is not so established by then, and yet people want to see it and had so much hopes for it.”

-Project Head Pawsry

No longer a journey alone

For 4 years, it has always been a one-man operation, and it all seemed sort of empty. Even if there was a unprecedented growth on the channel and having so much audience with us. But there was one thing, that might be the very one we are ready to pursue.

Since GFTV’s launch, furry news sort of became a thing for the channel. That prompted the channel’s very first staff position openings, which mainly consisted of news editor and correspondent slots during around May. Time went by, and the response was unexpected – albeit slow, GFTV so far established 5 overseas branches on top of its Singapore central branch: the US, UK, Mexico, Sweden and China.

On top of that, a small yet floofy team ready to contribute to this project. This project we call, a way, for us to contribute back to the very fandom that changed our lives for the better. It was by this time a mission, a target for us ahead became clear.

To unite the fandom together, through the power of media. For all; unbiased, objective, fearless, for good.