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GFTV FurWave goes on-air for real, for the first time

Since February, the rebrand to GFTV brought about numerous experiments – the most notable and biggest one being GFTV FurWave, where it is the GFTV’s attempt to establish a radio station of its own to become more available on more platforms.

On the 2nd of March 2019, the first experimental broadcast of GFTV FurWave debuted as a 5-hour long radio show comprising of furry, brony and furry music, as well as some furry news segments in between. Using Streamlabs, audio was played in the background and live voice interjections are done as well. The experiment was successful, albeit frame disruptions due to slow Internet.

Carrying on, the GFTV utilised podcast platform Spreaker for its FurWave operations, but the limitation of 15 minutes per broadcast only allows one music at the start and end, and one main show in the middle, making this “radio” a “podio”. This platform is heavily used for furry and mascot news reporting. The podcast has not been active since episode 29 in order to make way for the GFTV to upgrade their softwares.

Today, at 10pm UTC +8, the GFTV has debuted their brand new dedicated furry news website, which is this very website, followed with GFTV FurWave’s very first Internet radio broadcast on at 10.22pm UTC +8 on today’s FurStream*.

The launch of the radio station signifies a massive epochal milestone for GFTV, where they are now capable of doing Internet radio broadcasts.

For today’s first broadcast, it will be done until 12am UTC +8. Subsequent broadcasts will be done every Saturday in 3-hour slots, from 9 to 12am UTC +8.

More details coming up, so stay tuned!

*Today’s FurStream was subsequently deleted due to a sudden crash of the streaming software.






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