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Anthrocon 2019, in numbers

This year’s edition of Anthrocon has ended recently, and as usual had plenty of fun activities, and many warm furry times spread too.

This year’s theme was ‘Surf Pacific’ and had many in the mood for dressing up in festive summer outfits, most notably during the fursuit parade.

Since its origins in 1997, we’ve seen Anthrocon go from a small convention, to something that’s recognized by furries internationally. Furries from both online and real life communities join together for 3 days of fun, togetherness and furry unity as a fandom as a whole.

The statistics tell the story of growth within the furry fandom and within charity contributions – There are a total of 9,358 attendees, a large increase from last year’s figure of 8,407. Accompanying that are a total of 2,132 fursuiters at the fursuit parade, another increase from 1,980 fursuiters last year.

To add on, both PEARL Parrot Rescue and South Hills Pet Rescue are charities founded with the goal to save animals and help them life a healthy and fulfilling life. Thanks to furries, approximately $88,491 has spent over the past 2 years for the safety and wellbeing of pets and animals.

Other than these figures, Anthrocon also has posted its own other figures –

Our fandom is constantly changing, and as Anthrocon continues to occur annually, we hope to see more successful results.

From a global perspective, Anthrocon has started a new wave of furry conventions within the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and European regions. It has impacted the growth of the fandom has inspired many people from other countries to use conventions as a way to bring furries together.

Next year’s edition of Anthrocon 2020 will be held July 2-5, 2020 and the theme will be “Aesop’s (ee-seop) Fables”.

Additional editing done by Pawsry HTCN.


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