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A chat with Brazil FurFest

When I initially contacted BFF to ask about their recent sponsorship agreement I thought that was it. Then my fellow US colleague Rosca Santigria sent 3 questions:

  1. What is your response/feelings about the Brazil Amazon Rainforest fire? There is a lot of public outrage about it in Mexico, USA, and Canada.
  2. Are there any efforts or attempts made to rectify the situation? From what I’ve seen, the politiians and rural farmers are defending the burns.
  3. How was your experience with partnering with Converse? And do you think its beneficial for furry conventions internationally to use partnerships more often to help bring more positive awareness to the fandom?

What I got back was nothing short of amazing…


“[Ans to 1, 2] Brasil FurFest is a furry convention and does not comment political issues and we are surely hoping Amazon Forest be protected.”

“[Ans to 2] The experience was good, but we think every country is different and what we got in Brazil would be very different if it was in Argentina, for instance, since their market about brands, sponsors and how to show brands is totally different. There is not a single answer. We think our partnership deal with Converse was beneficial for both side since many Furries in Brazil were already fans of the brand and for us it helped setting a better Main Event Room for the event. We are aware next year we might have no partners and now we need to keep the qualify with the event with ticket sales only. We love challenges and we will work hard to make it happen. Keep the quality”

AW: Excellent they will make a great follow up.


“This is the video we shown during the Closing Ceremony (it’s not long) and you will see where Converse brand was shown and also a little about our con(extra: Pepper Coyote really drunk after some caipirinhas – lol)”

AW: Cons are best when they give us happy memories. Every Midwest FurFest is like that for me


We had two banners near the elevator like this (this fursuiter even made a Converse sneakers for her fursuit)

We had Converse logo on staff badges (attendees badges doesn’t have Converse logo)

We had the logo during the dance competition at the LED screen they helped us to rent

And during certain moments our logo appeared – not all. So, we didn’t sell our convention to Converse

Oh, the “screensaver” had the logo too

I forgot, we had their logo at the announcements or Dance Competition So, this is all we had of Converse 🙂 You have a full picture of the subject 🙂

AW: Absolutely.


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