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Supporting my Local Furry Con

Everyone loves to support their local furry con. It’s close to home, more personal, and it grows each year. It opens doors for new faces too!

The growth

Everyone loves to see furry cons grow and in this day and age cons are growing dramatically each year! This year my local con, Wild Prairie Fur Con, grew by 14%! If you think about it that’s a pretty big percentage for the con’s second year.  We can pretty much certainly say It will only keep growing from there. Of course, the fursuiter attendance also grew.

The locals

I’ve been a part of the local scene for over 7 years and its so nice to see everyone finally come together and enjoy the con. It takes a lot to run a con, and this con keeps growing each year.

I have many great friends in the local scene too and it’s so nice to come into town to visit them all. Let’s not forget all of the new faces as well and all the new fursuiters!

This article first appeared on Awoo News.

Article courtesy: OnixAngel


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