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GFTV releases official rulebook for all Online Communities

Today, the GFTV has officially finalised and released the GFTV OCR, short for Rules and Regulations of the Online Communities of Global Furry Television (Chinese: 国际兽视网络社区规则与条例), the official rule book for all of GFTV’s online servers and groups, or known as the Online Communities.

The OCR has a total of three parts and nine sections, each detailing the dos and dont’s in conduct, the rights of members and admins, as well as the penalties against broken rules.

The downloadable OCRs are available in both English and Chinese at the bottom of this announcement, and is also available on GFTV NewsHub’s About Us page.

**This attachment is outdated – a new version of the OCR is available on the About Us page. Please visit the page for the updated version.


今日,本台正式发布了《国际兽视网络社区规则与条例》(英:Rules and Regulations of the Online Communities of Global Furry Television,简称为 GFTV OCR),这是为国际兽圈电视的网络社区,也就是本台所有的线上官群,所制定的条例守则。


这条例守则将会有英中版,可通过以下链接下载,也可以在本台官网GFTV NewsHub (兽视兽闻坊)的About Us(关于我们)网页上找到。

*以下规章已过时。最新版本的规章可在About Us(关于我们)网页上找到。


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