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A furry take on the map – Animaniacs’ “Nations of the World” parodied in full furry spirit

If you’ve grown up watching Animaniacs, you may have seen the protagonist Yakko Warner dancing in front of a world map and excitedly singing the names of countries.

That was back in 1993.

And 27 years later, the spirit was revived by Aitrus Otter, who recently sang a modified version of the song with furries in the place of nations, totalling up to roughly 186 names.

In a tweet he jokingly remarked that “the Quarantine has gotten to him” and this video “took him a lot longer to make than he’s willing to admit.” 

“The Furries of the World”




27年后,Aitrus Otter恢复了这种精神。他最近唱了该歌曲的修改版,用兽友们代替了国家名称。他一共用了大约186个名字。





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