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[ENG/CHN] COVID-19 and Furries: One furcon moved to next year


One furcon so far has moved to next year. Furry Summer Mexico recently announced their move to 2021, just 1 month before its physical furcon on 21 November. Their new dates are in July 2021 from 23 – 25.

“Sensitive to the news that has been given in different media and firm in our commitment to always keep you informed with updates of our event, we make this third update to our communiqué on the COVID-19.

As the health authorities have not given a clear date for the end of the pandemic and Furry Summer Mexico is characterized as a social and physical event, we have decided to postpone our event. The new date will be from 23rd to 25th July 2021, adding one day to our itinerary, which will depend wholly on the progress of the vaccine, as it will be obligatory to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to enter the event. At the moment, we don’t know the new ticket prices, since due to the closure of our suppliers, some packages will change in content and costs.

Our records are closed until further notice.

If you have already paid for your package, it will not be affected by possible price increases. If it is not possible to deliver the complete package, you will be reimbursed for the articles not delivered.

We understand that our change may affect your assistance plans, therefore we offer the following:

It is up to each person to continue with their registration or to cancel it, in case you decide to cancel your registration, you will be asked to send to our e-mail: a copy of your payment receipt and your bank details to process your refund immediately.

Whoever has made their payment before 04/10/2020 and wishes to attend the event, will be issued a document valid for $100 MXN (pesos), which can be used immediately to deposit in your bank account, to purchase items selected in the event, or it can be donated to the event if the attendee so decides.”

Organizational Committee of Furry Summer Mexico

With that, we have a total of 88 cancelled, 1 deferred, 3 to hold this year and 28 physical furcons completed.

More furcon status numbers, please go to

目前,一场墨西哥兽展“Furry Summer Mexico”被推迟到明年。就在这场兽展的原定时间,也就是11月21号的一个月前,他们宣布了推迟兽展的消息。


由于卫生部门没有给出明确的疫情结束日期,而Furry Summer Mexico主要是社交活动,我们因此决定将活动延期,新的日期是2021年7月23日至25日,在行程中增多了一天。由于参展前必须注射新冠疫情疫苗,这(活动举办问题)将完全取决于疫苗的进展。因为我们的供应商关闭,一些兽展套票的内容会发生变化,因此目前我们还不知道新票价。

我们的记录已被关闭,直到另行通知。 如果您已经支付了包裹的费用,就不会受到可能的涨价影响,如果无法送达完整的包裹,您将得到未送达物品的补偿。 我们理解该变化可能会影响您的计划,因此我们将提供以下服务。 如果您决定取消注册,请您将付款确认书和银行信息发送至我们的电子邮箱(,以便立即处理您的退款。

凡是在2020年4月10日之前支付了他们的款项,并希望参加活动的人,将收到一个100墨西哥比索的现金券,可以立即行使存入您的银行帐户,或可用于购买在活动中的选定项目。与会者们也可将其给捐赠至本活动。 现在,他们的新计划是7月23日到25日。

Furry Summer Mexico主办委员会

那么现在在兽展情况方面,我们有: 88 被取消,1 被推迟,3 今年举行,以及28 举行成功。


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