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COVID-19 and Furries: FA: United announces closure, citing difficulties due to the pandemic

It’s been 10 months since the WHO declared the coronavirus a public health emergency, and so far almost a hundred furcons globally have announced postponement until 2021. They have been faced with many challenges due to the virus, and recently because of it one furcon announced closure.

FA: United, a furcon based in the US state of Virginia announced Thursday the closure of the convention, citing uncertainties posed by the pandemic. This came in as the furcon is still rebuilding its audience since their move from the state of New Jersey to Virginia in 2016, when their attendee count that year dropped by 18%.

In a report by Flayrah, their 2019 edition showed that the furcon “never had the opportunity to grow in Virginia to surpass where they were in New Jersey” – their 2014 edition in the latter state amassed a peak attendee count of 707, compared to just 558 in 2019. Starting 2018, the furcon showed signs of recovery as the count started to rise, before eventually being forced to close due to COVID-19.

A look at the coronavirus situation in Virginia tells us that there’s currently an increasing trend of cases, with 3880 new cases confirmed as of 6 November. Data from the New York Times.

As of now, there are 90 cancelled, 1 deferred, 1 to hold this year and 30 furcons completed.


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