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Brasil FurFest turns five: 3,000+ attendees, US$6,000+ donated; new mascot ‘Bombom’ debuted

First held in 2016, Brazilian convention Brasil FurFest turns five years old this year. An online celebration was held on YouTube, while also introducing their new mascot Bombom. He’s a kitten representing the idea of an urban furry event and the furcon’s support of charity efforts in rescuing stray animals on the streets.

Brasil FurFest so far had 3,393 attendees – that’s counting in their 2020 virtual event’s view count and US$6,343.27 in charity donations.

Brasil FurFest迎来五周年——3,000多名与会者,共捐6,000多美元;新吉祥物 “Bombom”首次亮相  

于2016年首次举办的巴西兽展Brasil FurFest今年已经五岁了。他们在油管上举行了在线庆祝活动,同时还介绍了他们的新吉祥物Bombom。他是一只象征着一个都市兽展的理念及该展支持救助街头流浪动物的慈善工作的小猫。

至今,Brasil FurFest一共有3393名观众——他们2020年虚拟活动的观看人数也被算在其中,也一共捐赠了6343.27美元。


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