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COVID-19 and Furries: Eurofurence and Fursang moves to 2022, KRAZ in full swing with 2021 plans

With COVID-19 continuing to prevail this year, two European furcons cancelled last week:

Originally planned for July, German furcon Eurofurence cancelled this year and moved to 2022. New dates will be released soon. German daily coronavirus cases are decreasing – 9,387 new cases reported as of 26 Jan.

COVID-19 stats in Germany, taken on 27 Jan

Further into Europe, Hungarian furcon Fursang, planned for Feburary, cancelled this year and moved to 11 Feb next year. Hungarian daily coronavirus cases are decreasing – 459 cases as of 26 Jan.

COVID-19 stats in Hungary, taken on 27 Jan

Dear Followers,

The global situation made all of our live difficult, forced us to give up on or change our values. After long waiting, we have followed the news of the international regualations of situation and consulted our partner conventions, we have reached the conclusion to POSTPONE our “Fursang – 007” convention which was supposed to take place between February 5 and 8, 2021.

The new date is 11 to 14, February 2022.

Although the virus and the restriction might not have had affected a suitwalk, but the uncertainty of the future and moral codex had a bigger role in making the decision.

We wish a healthy and nice day to all of our Followers!
To be continued…

Fursang Orga-Team (

Czech furcon KRAZ seems to be in full swing for their edition this year – they opened registrations just last Saturday (23 Jan) at 9:30pm Singapore Time. Czechia’s coronavirus cases are now decreasing – 4,256 new cases reported as of 24 Jan.

COVID-19 stats in Czechia, taken on 27 Jan

With that, as of today we have 15 furcons cancelled, 3 deferred and 103 to hold this year.




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