Venue, date changes for Once Upon A Fur Con’s 2nd event as venue to become quarantine center

Chinese convention Once Upon A Fur Con, or OUFC, has made changes to its plans for the second half of 2021.

At first, when local COVID-19 cases spiked in August, OUFC cancelled its second event initially comfirmed for mid-October.

Then as cases dropped, the convention announced at the end of August an event to be held Oct 4-6. The venue was set at Wanda Realm Zengcheng Hotel in Guangzhou.

After their local government notified its event space will be repurposed as a quarantine center, OUFC changed their venue and shifted the dates one day early to Oct 3-5.

The new venue is at Hilton Guangzhou Baiyun Hotel. Existing registrations remain unchanged and hotel rooms will be transferred accordingly.

On the topic of COVID-19 and furry conventions, looking at convention statuses right now, there are 51 cancelled, 3 deferred, 46 to hold this year and 18 completed. 








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