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Convention updates 11/11/21

Gateway Furmeet 2022 updates

First to US convention Gateway Furmeet (GFF). They announced updates Tuesday (Nov 9) about their 2022 event.

It will be held next year March 11-13. Their venue is the Sheraton Westport Chalet St. Louis.

Gateway Furmeet’s 2022 theme is called “Back to the Con.”

Midwest FurFest 2021 

Next to Midwest FurFest (MFF), the world’s biggest furry event.

Everyone is different. Some people have special needs for socialising.

For these people, MFF released Sunday (Nov 7) special coloured badges. Attendees wear one of these badges to show how they wish to talk to people.

The badges are tailored from a non-profit organisation called the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN). ASAN supports more rights for the autistic community.

Many furries applauded the badges, saying it benefits introverts or those with autism. But critics say this may be ‘misused’ to create cliques.

Besides that, MFF published Tuesday (Nov 9) their 2021 event’s timetable.

Midwest FurFest will hold Dec 2-5 this year.

FC 2022 art show updates

Further Confusion (FC) opened art show sign ups. It is for their event next year.

They published their art show’s timetable.

Further Confusion will be held Jan 13 – 17 next year.

FurUM 2021 goes virtual

Malaysian convention Furs Upon Malaysia (FurUM) will hold their virtual event on Dec 18 this year.

They will be Southeast Asia’s second virtual furcon. The region’s first is held by Singaporean convention Little Island Furcon (LIFC) on Nov 13.GFTV will hold a furry YouTubing panel at LIFC.

兽展更新 21-11-11

2022年Gateway Furmeet更新

首先关注美国兽展Gateway Furmeet(GFF)。他们周二(11月9日)宣布了关于他们2022年活动的更新。


Gateway Furmeet的2022年的主题叫 “回归兽展”。

Midwest FurFest 2021 

紧随其后,关注Midwest FurFest(MFF),这是世界上最大的兽展。




许多毛兽对徽章表示赞赏,说它有利于内向者或自闭症患者。但批评者说,这可能会被 “滥用 “来排斥他人。



FC 2022年艺术展更新

Further Confusion(FC)开放了艺术展的报名。这是为他们明年的活动准备的。


Further Confusion将于明年1月13至17日举行。

FurUM 2021进入虚拟时代

最后到亚洲。马来西亚展Furs Upon Malaysia(FurUM)将于今年12月18日举行他们的虚拟活动。

他们将是东南亚的第二个虚拟兽展。该地区的首例是由新加坡的 Little Island Furcon(LIFC)在11月13日举行。



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