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‘Arbitrarily’ Scot-locked: Scotiacon Twitter-locked; angers furries

Algorithm problems hit on Scotiacon

UK convention Scotiacon said Monday (Nov 22), they are locked out from their official Twitter account.

Their post reads, “The algorithm thought something was a miss”. They add, there is “no success so far.”

In response, furries are angry at Twitter.

Says one furry, Twitter “arbitrarily locked the @Scotiacon account for no reason”.

Says another furry, Twitter is “hurting them and their attendees, and the charity they support.”

In this angry response to Twitter, furries kept pointing out Scotiacon’s charity activities and their non-profit status too.

Furcation, another UK convention, posted the hashtag #FreeScotiacon.

As of now, we hear no updates from Twitter on this.





一位兽友说,推特 “无缘无故地锁定了@Scotiacon的账户”。

另位兽友说,推特正在 “伤害他们和他们的参会者,以及他们支持的慈善机构”。





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