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GFTV unifies English and Chinese podcast news channels


On Dec 17 (Friday), Southeast Asia’s biggest furry fandom media channel Global Furry Television (GFTV) merged their English and Chinese-language podcast news channels.

From now on, GFTV’s English and Chinese-language editions will all be in one place. A new album cover debuted as part of this change.

The English (blue) and Chinese (red) channels merge as one multilingual (purple) channel.

With immediate effect, GFTV’s Chinese podcast channel (red album) will stop updating. The English podcast channel (blue album) will be repurposed for this change.

Now, GFTV’s Chinese audiences can access their mother tongue in one place. Chinese audiences make up the biggest portion of GFTV’s audience base.

This is done as part of GFTV’s Project Multilingual initiative. Project Multilingual aims to diversify GFTV’s linguistic offerings and content accessibility.

Expanding accessibility is a priority

As emphasised during GFTV’s 7th birthday, expanding content accessibility has been a priority. Not just for people with different mother tongues, but also for those with special needs.

On Oct 26, 2021, GFTV proposed to revamp its news graphics package for audiences, especially those with accessibility needs. Furries received the proposal positively.

The new package debuted on Oct 27, 2021. It featured bigger text, a cleaner layout and a brand new writing style.

Not everyone has the same level of English language proficiency. Thus, GFTV started to use simple English.

Shorter sentences, simplified words and concise language. Now, all audiences including the deaf can understand GFTV’s content better.

Subtitles introduced for clarity

In the Chinese language, differently written words can be read the same way. Or, the same words can be read differently.

Distinguishing between them is thus important. That may explain why most, if not all Chinese-language language content are subtitled.

GFTV’s Chinese audiences have long wanted the furry media channel to add subtitles.

On Oct 27, 2021, all GFTV news programmes enabled subtitles. This is universally applied to both Channel 1 (International) and Channel 2 (China).

Another select few programmes have subtitles applied to them too. For example, Furterviewing Furs, GFTV’s furry interview show.

Future expansion set

When no one is on GFTV’s cameras, a static splash screen will be shown.

On Dec 16, 2021, GFTV debuted a new static splash screen. It will show three indicators under the programme title.

They are “CC”, “SL” and “PRS”. They indicate a programme’s accessibility options.

CC means closed captions; SL means sign language; PRS means Programme Rating System.

Screenshot of GFTV’s new splash screen.

No GFTV programmes support sign language as of now. But, the sign language icon is added to prepare for future expansion.

GFTV recognises the varying needs of the deaf – some may choose sign language over subtitles. And as its reach covers every continent globally, they are set to expand its offerings more in the future.


12月17日(星期五),东南亚最大的兽圈媒体频道国际兽圈电视(英语:Global Furry Television,即GFTV,简称兽视)合并了其英文和中文播客新闻频道。




这样做是作为兽视《多语计划》(英:Project Multilingual)的一部分。《多语计划》旨在使这兽媒频道的内容可及性多样化。












另有少数节目也应用了字幕。例如,Furterviewing Furs,兽视的毛兽采访节目。




它们是 “CC”、”SL “和 “PRS”。它们表示一个节目的无障碍选项。






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